The Warranty:

When you bring your diesel vehicle to Deer Park Diesel, you’ll experience our friendly customer service from intake through delivery. Our shop uses the latest in computer diagnostic tools, as well as the highest quality aftermarket parts available, to guarantee the quality of the services we offer. We want our customers to feel confident about the work performed at our shop, which is why we offer a 12 month, unlimited mileage in-house warranty. Please visit our Warranty page for more information!

Deer Park Diesel is proud to offer a warranty on all repairs, installations, and upgrades, as a part of our commitment to providing the highest quality experience for our customers.

Deer Park Diesel warrants that all repairs and services performed at this location will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for twelve months, measured from the date of the repair shown on the repair order. The warranty is conditioned on the vehicle being subjected only to normal, non-commercial use and receiving reasonable and necessary maintenance during the warranty period. Warranty repair costs shall in no case exceed the costs of the original repair or service.

If there is a defect in either materials or workmanship within the warranty period, Deer Park Diesel shall have the option to either perform remedial service work at no charge to you, replace the defective warranted part(s) without charge to you or refund the entire charge for the warranted repairs, minus any previous refund.

Where You Can Obtain Warranty Service

Warranty coverage shall be provided exclusively by Deer Park Diesel, at the location at which the repairs were performed.

No reimbursement will be provided for costs incurred at any other facility, no matter the circumstance. We are happy to provide support via phone or email to the customer or any other repair facility, but will not be responsible for any costs incurred.  Deer Park Diesel reserves the first right of refusal for warranty repairs.

What You Must Do to Obtain Warranty Service

All warranty repairs must be coordinated with the service manager in advance, in accordance with normal scheduling practices. No issue will be deemed warrantable until it has been inspected and diagnosed by Deer Park Diesel. Every effort will be made to prioritize warranty requests, when possible, but there is no guarantee of priority service.

You must provide proof of all maintenance, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, in the time period between the original repair and the warranty service. If there is a break-in procedure required after any installation or repair, you will be required to provide proof that you have followed the proper procedure. Failure to comply with these requirements will void the warranty in its entirety.


All towing within a 25 mile radius of 4608 Wallbridge Rd in Clayton, WA, will be arranged by Deer Park Diesel in coordination with the vehicle owner. If the vehicle is towed and the reported issue is not deemed warrantable, towing costs will be billed directly to the customer along with any additional costs including, but not limited to, diagnostic fees.
If towing costs are incurred outside of the 25 mile radius, you may pursue reimbursement for these expenses if the issue is deemed warrantable. Proof of payment for the tow service must be provided, and towing must be approved by the service manager in advance. The maximum reimbursement for towing is $200.

What is Not Covered by this Warranty

You must, of course, pay for any non-warranty service you order to be performed at the same time as the warranty service. This warranty will not apply to your repaired vehicle if it has been damaged by abnormal use, misuse, neglect, accident, alteration or "tampering with" (by other than the Deer Park Diesel). Deer Park Diesel's employees and/or agents do not have authority to modify the terms of this warranty or to make any promises in addition to those contained in this warranty. This warranty does not in any way include incidental or consequential damages (additional expenses which you may incur as the result of faulty repair or service). Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

High Performance Warranty

Any warranty on performance parts or modifications is provided exclusively by the manufacturer of the parts installed. We assume no additional responsibility in the event that warranty services are needed; we are a third party installer only. Additionally, any performance parts installed on a vehicle, by us or anyone else, hereby voids any warranty that we may have provided at any time.

In the event that warranty service is available on performance parts or modifications, it is your responsibility to contact the manufacturer of said parts to obtain warranty coverage (if available) and arrange for the service to be completed. You will be responsible for any additional expenses, beyond what is covered by the manufacturer, incurred at the time of service.

Performance parts are considered to be any parts that are not OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specification or equivalent.

Performance modifications are considered to be any changes made to a vehicle to enhance its performance beyond the OEM design.