Aftermarket Warranties

We are happy to work with your aftermarket warranty company. There are many companies that provide these warranties, but they are usually offered by a dealer with a used vehicle.

If you have purchased one of these warranties, you will be glad to know that they can be very beneficial by providing some peace of mind about purchasing a used vehicle. However, there are some common misunderstandings about these warranties that can lead to confusion. Here are some clarifications that can help you set proper expectations around the process of getting your repairs at Deer Park Diesel covered by your warranty:

  • It is very uncommon for the entire invoice balance to be covered by a warranty company. There are many factors that contribute to this, but you should expect to pay for some of the repairs. Think of it as a co-pay.
  • Most warranty companies have a maximum payable labor rate. You will be responsible for paying the difference between the maximum labor that your warranty will pay, and the real labor costs incurred at Deer Park Diesel. All of these details will be provided to you in an estimate, before repairs are made, so that you can plan accordingly.
  • The process of going back and forth with your warranty provider can be a tedious, time consuming process. These companies have their own unique processes, which we will be required to follow, in order to get your repairs covered. Typically, this will prolong the amount of time your vehicle will spend in the shop.
  • We have an established limit of 48 hrs for a response time from your warranty company on matters pertaining to the repair of your vehicle. If we do not receive a response within the time period, the vehicle will incur a charge of $50 per day for storage, which you will be responsible for.
  • Often, if the estimate for repairs exceeds a certain amount, your warranty company will dispatch a third party inspector to confirm our findings, photograph the vehicle, and verify the estimate. This inspector is not an employee of Deer Park Diesel, and does not represent the warranty company either. If the inspector takes longer than 48 hrs to arrive for inspection, or report his findings to the warranty company, the same storage fees will apply.
  • The additional (meaning, above and beyond our ordinary) processes requested by your warranty provider will require more time from our service and technical staff, which will incur additional labor charges. These charges will not be covered by your warranty company, which means you will be responsible for paying them- even if your repairs do not end up being covered.
  • It is our job, as the repair facility, to accurately and efficiently diagnose the issue and report our findings to your warranty company. We will provide them with a complete report of our findings, which they will use to determine if the repairs will be covered. If your warranty declines to cover repairs, we will not attempt to argue with them. It is your responsibility to challenge them if you are not satisfied with their response.
  • Warranty companies will often wish to provide their own parts, in order to save money, or pay the amount at which their part is valued toward the cost of the part we will provide. This option will be provided to you, but has ramifications. Firstly, we will not warranty any parts or labor if the parts are supplied by your warranty. Secondly, every day (outside of 48 hrs) that we spend waiting on parts from your warranty company will result in storage fees. We strongly recommend that you do not choose parts supplied by your warranty company, as they are generally low quality and may result in the aforementioned costs.
  • Your warranty will require Deer Park Diesel to submit a signed copy of your final invoice before they will issue payment. We ask that you pick up your vehicle promptly after repairs are completed, and you must do so in person so that we can get your signature.

By agreeing to repairs on your vehicle, you acknowledge the above and agree to the terms and conditions.