Deer Park Diesel was originally opened in 2000 as Schuler's Auto & Truck Repair by Jake Schuler. After over 30 years of experience working in heavy equipment repair, Jake was laid off due to an injury in 1999. After recovering from his injury, he and his wife Terri decided to open a general automotive repair facility in their hometown of Deer Park, WA. Jake's commitment to quality and attention to detail garnered him an excellent reputation as a high-quality mechanic, which quickly grew the business through several facilities until they eventually settled into a three-bay shop in the middle of town.

After hiring his son, Jacob, in 2012, Schuler's Auto & Truck Repair became Deer Park Diesel and began to specialize in light duty diesel pickup repair. In 2015, after hiring another of his sons, Greg, to help him sustain his growing business, the trio purchased a new 12-bay facility just outside of town in Clayton, WA. Since then, Greg has taken over operations and the business has continued to grow to support a staff of nine and a customer base that continues to grow in size and demographic. Deer Park Diesel continues to provide excellent quality and first-class customer service, while implementing the latest in technology to provide a revolutionary customer experience that focuses on the customer and sets them apart in the repair industry.

Here at Deer Park Diesel, our 4 core values influence everything we do - family, dignity, education, and innovation.


We orient our schedule to make sure our employees are home with their families when they need to be.


We don't talk down to our customers and pressure them into repairs; we help them make decisions based on the information and allow them to be a part of the process.


We educate every customer by explaining our diagnostics and the repair process, and encourage them to make educated decisions.


We incorporate the latest in industry specific tools and resources to innovate new and efficient solutions that keep us at the cutting edge of diesel engine diagnostics and repair.

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